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Our line of PowerMatch Filters have been designed with the most demanding RF co-site interference applications in mind. A key advantage of PowerMatch Filters is its ability to sustain maximum stopband rejection independent of its load impedance termination. PowerMatch Filters are offered in band pass, band stop (notch), low pass, and high pass configurations as well as customized combinations such as band pass with integrated notch. PowerMatch Filters are protected by multiple patents and/or pending patents.

Here is a sampling of our available PowerMatch Filters:

P/N Filter Type Stopband Range (MHz) Rejection (dB) Insertion Loss (dB) Power Handling (W) VSWR
TS6011 Notch 240-260 90 1.0 100 1.2
TS6014 Notch 1175-1625 45 1.25 250 1.2
TS6201 Lowpass 400-1000 80 0.30 100 1.2
TS6202 Bandpass 0-300/750-1750 85 1.0 25 1.2
TS7010 Diplexer 30-88 75 1.5 100 1.25


The TeraTune line of digitally tunable filters have been designed to support the emerging market of software-defined radios, or SDR. TeraTune Filters are fast-hopping, digitally controlled filters that can be controlled via software through a number of standard digital interfaces.

Here is a sampling of TeraTune product offerings:

P/N Filter Type Tuning Range (MHz) Stopband Rejection (dB) Insertion Loss (dB) Power Handling (W) Tuning Speed (us)
TS5010-3 Bandpass 30-90 70 8.0 1 30
TS5010-4 Bandpass 30-90 65 6.0 1 30
TS5010-5 Bandpass 30-90 60 5.0 1 30

Custom Co-Site Solutions

We have worked with customers to develop custom, integrated co-site solutions. For example, the TS6208 is an intelligent RF sub-assembly designed for UHF TACSAT applications. This transmit/receive module autonomously switches between a high-power handling transmit and a low noise receive mode without external user command. Further, the unit has built-in overload protection by automatically switching into a low-loss bypass mode upon detection of excessive RF power.

If you are interested in our products, please contact us by email at sales@terasystechnologies.com or by phone at 808.469.4251. We will be happy to discuss your requirements and how we can tailor our solution for your needs. We can synthesize a design for you, providing an information package containing s-parameter files, mechanical drawings, and electrical specifications.



Our products are ideal for situations where the interference problem is adequately understood and defined. In other cases, TeraSys Technologies offers radio frequency (RF) co-site interference analysis (CSIA) services to help our customers understand their interference situation and needs. Whether designing systems from the ground up or investigating those already in place, CSIA is necessary for the cost-effective design of multi-antenna systems, helping to identify sensitive and critical interference paths. CSIA is TeraSys' proactive approach to preventing costly long-term consequences by optimizing design goals or mitigation solutions upfront.

Measurement and Assessment

For deployed systems, we can measure and assess the interference situation, providing a description and visualization of the spectral landscape. Our experience spans a variety of scenarios on different scales, from larger geographical spaces (e.g. base stations in a metropolitan area) to human-scale platforms (e.g. multi-radio vehicles). In any scenario, we work with our customers to meet their needs, collaborating to craft a thoughtful plan based on required accuracy, budget, and schedule prior to execution. While each project is uniquely scoped, there are basic components to our service.

  • Capture

    We take empirical measurements of the spectral environment, capturing the necessary data to assess the interference situation.

  • Visualize

    In addition to numerical results, data visualizations are created to help make sense of the measurements. Examples of these visualizations include spectral plots as well as spatial overlays of electromagnetic and geographical data.

  • Assess

    Leveraging our measurements and analysis, we help our customers understand their current interference situation. More importantly and if necessary, we help to identify key actionable steps that may include re-design, mitigation products, or further analysis.

Modeling and Simulation

Even to experienced engineers, optimal radio and antenna placement may not be obvious. With all but the simplest of configurations, empirically determining optimal configuration for acceptable performance can be cost prohibitive, labor intensive, and time consuming. Electromagnetic interference modeling and simulation offers an economical, risk-reducing approach to multi-antenna RF systems.

Our CSIA modeling and simulation process includes a true 3D electromagnetic analysis service that provides not only graphical and numerical results, but also offers a root-cause explanation of why the interference is occurring, enabling the Customer the opportunity to make informed decisions of their interference mitigation options.

Typical Customer Deliverables

While each Customer may desire slightly different analytical outputs, our most requested data outputs include the following:

  • Heat maps

    A heat map, or coverage map, is a two-dimensional spatial representation of radio communications strength as a function of distance. These maps are typically used to visualize a receiver's performance with and without RF interference.

  • Field plots

    Electromagnetic field plots are sometimes instructive to assist the Customer in the visualization of how the energy is propagating from one antenna to another to efficiently assess how to best mitigate the RF Interference. These plots are sometimes referred to as "near field" plots.

  • Tabular results

    For CSIA scenarios that involve multiple antennas, an "interferer/victim" analysis matrix is often provided to enable the Customer to quickly visualize which configurations of antennas are subject to the greatest degree of RF Interference, allowing them to efficiently focus their optimization efforts.

  • Interference impact analysis

    As domain experts, we can not only identify interference issues, but also understand them. We are fully versed in the interference mechanisms and impacts to transceivers. We enable our Customer to understand why they are experiencing interference and what can be done about it.




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